Corcyra had the third-largest navy among all the Greek city states, a key asset to consider as Athens voted on the proposed alliance. Big, expensive triremes, with three banks of oars, proved decisive in the Peloponnesian War. Image: Telias Free Gallery


Should Athens Help Corcyra: Yes or No?

Stakes are high as Corinth prepares to punish its upstart colony

Corcyra (kor SIGH ruh) prospered as a seaport on a major trade route in ancient times. Its people came originally from Corinth, but relations between the two cities were never good. In 435 BC, they fought a sea battle at Epidamnus, and Corinth suffered an embarrassing defeat.Corcya_Intro2

As Corinth prepared for full-scale war, Corcyra decided to seek an ally. It sent representatives to Athens, the most powerful city-state in Greece. The chances were good Athens would say yes to a new alliance, because there was talk of a war brewing between Athens and the cities of the Peloponnesian Peninsula, including Corinth. There was one problem for Corcyra. At this time, Athens was technically in a peace agreement with Sparta and Corinth.

Addressing the voters of Athens, the Corcyrans made their best arguments for an Athens-Corcyra alliance. They also offered reasons why the existing treaty with Corinth should not stand in the way. Read their speech, and decide  for yourself. Should Athens form an alliance with Corcyra?



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